The 2020 Democrat Election Setup

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is a leftist setup from the start.

Let’s look at the steps the Democrats have been implementing:

1) Democrats have opposed cleaning up the individual states Registered Voter Roles for years, even though they contain the deceased and individuals that no longer live in the state or voting districts.

2) The Democrats start spreading propaganda that Trump won’t leave office if he loses the election.

3) The Democrats start pushing for blanket Mail-In Ballots to be sent to everyone on the voter roles (see 1) because it’s safer than voting in person because of COVID-19 (yet standing in line at Walmart or the Grocery store is OK)

4) The Democrats start spreading propaganda that there are cutbacks at the USPS because the current Postmaster likes Trump and Trump has secretly ordered him to make it so that Mail-In ballots won’t be delivered on-time. Discounting the facts that the USPS has been scaling back letter handling and switching to more package handling for years because people have decreased use of the mail for letters and bill payments due to email and online bill-pay, causing the USPS to lose money because they didn’t shift sooner.

5) The Democrats say that Joe Biden should not concede the election regardless of the results.

Here’s the setup, if Trump wins they won’t concede because Trump manipulated the results.

If Biden wins and there is any evidence of manipulation or fraud, and Trump wants it to be rightfully investigated, they will pull the ‘I Told You So’ card (see 2) and push for his ouster.

If Biden is a stand-up guy and concedes, Riots.

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